how much does a house cleanout cost

How Much Does a House Cleanout Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

A house cleanout is a significant undertaking that involves decluttering and removing unwanted items from a property. Whether moving, downsizing, or dealing with an inherited estate, understanding the cost of a house cleanout is essential for effective budgeting. In this blog post, we’ll explore How Much a House Cleanout Costs and provide a comprehensive guide to help you estimate expenses.

Size and Scope of the Cleanout

The size and scope of the cleanout are crucial factors that influence the overall cost. Larger properties with more rooms, additional storage spaces, or extensive outdoor areas will require more time, effort, and resources to complete the cleanout. Additionally, the number and type of items to be removed, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, or hazardous materials, will impact the cost.

Labor and Time Required

Labor costs play a significant role in the total expenses of a house cleanout. The more workers are required and the longer it takes to complete the task, the higher the cost. Labor costs can vary based on the region; the company hired, and the complexity of the cleanout. Some companies charge hourly rates, while others offer flat fees based on the estimated workload.

Junk Removal Services

If your house cleaning involves the removal of large amounts of junk, hiring a professional junk removal service might be necessary. These services typically charge based on factors such as the volume of junk, the weight of items, and the distance to the disposal site. Prices can vary depending on your location and the specific requirements of your cleanout.

Dumpster Rental

For smaller cleanouts or DIY projects, renting a dumpster can be cost-effective. Dumpster rental costs are generally influenced by factors such as the size of the dumpster, the rental period, and any additional charges for permits or waste disposal. It’s essential to accurately estimate the amount of debris you’ll be disposing of to choose the right dumpster size and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Donating and Recycling

Considerable savings can be achieved by donating or recycling items during a house cleanout. Many charities accept gently used furniture, clothing, and household items, reducing the amount of junk that needs to be disposed of. Additionally, recycling centers may accept certain materials, such as electronics, metal, or appliances, either for free or at a minimal cost.

Additional Costs and Considerations

A few additional factors can influence the cost of a house cleanout. These include any specialized cleaning or restoration services required, permits for waste disposal, and potential fees for hazardous material removal. It’s important to factor in these expenses when estimating the overall cost of the cleanout.


A house cleanout can be a significant project in terms of time and money. The cost of a house cleanout depends on various factors, including the size and scope of the cleanout, labor and time required, junk removal services, dumpster rental, donating and recycling options, and additional considerations. By considering these factors and obtaining quotes from multiple service providers, you can make an informed decision and budget effectively for your house cleanout needs. Remember, each cleanout is unique, so assessing your requirements is important to determine the most accurate estimate for your situation. If you need more guidance throughout the process or explore what services could best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.